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After almost a year and a half of absence due to the covid situation and other limiting factors, we decided that IPAS FILM FESTIVAL should revive at any cost.

Having said that the festival for 2023 is dedicated to women of today, under the title:

"Women, born or feel this way"

Speak out for all of them, for those who were born as women or for those who have been trapped in a different body than they wished for.

Speak out about their struggles, achievements, social exclusion, maternity vs career, abuse and isolation.


Tell the world what it is to be a woman of today. Let the world know, what we have accomplished and suffered in the patriarchal societies we grew up in.

What is IPAS FF
What is IPAS FF

The i.P.A.S. Film Festival is dedicated to the work of filmmakers from around the world with defiantly independent political and social visions. It is the first political and activist short film festival ever held in Greece.

The i.P.A.S. Film Festival is an annual event showcasing independent politically inclined films from all corners of the world. The festival aims at showcasing the best and most thought-provoking works in new international cinema and providing the movie-loving public with access to some of the most emerging talents in the film-making industry.

Our mission is to promote the films of low-budget filmmakers that dissent radically in form or content from the mainstream, challenging the boundaries of the commercial distribution, and to present imaginative works that dare to spark off heated discussions and transcend audience expectations.

Our selection of films has nothing to do with the conventional film aesthetic attitude. We encourage you to confront your artistic and political freedom, through the experimentation of filmmaking and art production, making our cosmos a more generous, challenging place to live in.

The founders of i.P.A.S. Film Festival are Artemis Livadarou and  Penia Kalofolia.



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Art Residency

Homemotion opens for you a space that is a melange of differently conceived rooms that set you into diverse emotional landscapes and facilitate your fantasy to dive deeper into your own e_motion.

Homemotion is a place to expand and create new visions

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