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This year we have selected (60) sixty remarkable films from (21) twenty-one different countries such as Italy, India, Brazil, Iran, Lebanon, United Kingdom, Greece, United States, France, Belgium, France, Morocco, Spain, Ukraine, Denmark, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Portugal, Turkey, Croatia.

Below you will find alphabetically all the movies that will be featured IPAS FILM FESTIVAL 2021 - Edition 4th




Director: Davide Marchesi

Country: Italy

Setting out from the controversial Legislative Decree 113/2018 on immigration and international security, approved by the Italian government...


Affection in the Streets


Director: Thiago Köche

Country: Brazil

Facing a reality of exclusion, hunger, cold and prejudice, the documentary “Affection in the streets” talks about the relationship of love...


A prayer for the childless

Fiction, Student

Director: Sandeep Ravindranath

Country: India

A woman struggling against the crippling stigma of childlessness in a conservative Indian society where the status of women is defined by the idea of motherhood.



Fiction, Student

Director: Mehrshad Kheradmandi

Country: Iran

An unofficial organisation «reproduces» humans for those who lost their loved ones. When a man goes there seeking for his niece Aysan...


A typical name for a poor child


Director: Emanuele Aldrovandi

Country: Italy

Unhappy with the attitude of his children in the previous holiday, a father decides to take a poor child to the sea, Abdul.


Be headed

Animation, Student

Director: Rita Abi Read

Country : Lebanon

In a world where everything is led by leaders, a ceremony will take place in 3 different rooms. But one person refused to bend…

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