President of Jury Committee

Emmanouil Koutsourelis 

Born in Athens - Greece.


He began his studies at the Drama School of Pelos Katselis. Ηe continued in New York where he attended History of Art courses at the Barough College, directing studies at the City of New York Hunter College, dance courses at the Merce Cunningham Dance Studio, visual performances with Ping Chong and lighting design with Beverly Emons


He remained in New York for ten years where aside his studies, he collaborated with the internationally well known director Robert Wilson as an actor and a choreographer for performances in Kennedy Center Washington D.C. & Aaron Davis Theater (New York 1984-1985) as well as with the La Mama Theatre (New York 1981-1983). He also collaborated as a director with the post modern dance group M.Tseng Dance Projects for performances at the Theater of the Open Eye, New York, Riverside Studio & Bloomsberry theater (London 1997 -98) and at the Lycabettus theatre, Athens 1986-87.


He returned to Greece in 1991. In 1993 he started collaborating with the Research Center for Arts and Science - KETE of the internationally well known Greek sculptor Takis, as a general secretary of the Board of Directors, as well as responsible for the public relations and the events organization. 


Between 1997 and 1998 he directed two performances for the dance group Sine Qua Non at the Open Theatre and the Athens Concert Hall, OMMA. 


In 2000 he directed the theatre performance I don't believe in your eyes at the Theatre of Neos Kosmos, Athens while in 2004 he undertook the curatorship of the  Leonardo Da Vinci, the Genius exhibition for the Next Generation Company, at the Foundation of the Hellenic World, Athens and Rahmi Koc Museum, Instanbul. 


In 2004 he directed the Samuel Beckett text First Love, playback. adapted by Thanos Stathopoulos, Hora Theatre, Athens. The performance represented Greece in Cairo International Experimental Festival Theatre, Cairo 2005, while in Sibiu International Οpen Market Festival, Romania 2010, won the first prize. First Love, playback was also presented in EKON Festival at Riverside Theatre - London representing Greece again and in 2011 at the International Theater Festival of Sibiu.


In 2008 in collaboration with the music group drog_A_tek, he directed the play Indust_Real_Evol_Ution, after a call from Athens Festival, while in 2009 for the same festival he was the inspirator and production manager for the three day festival about new electronic music Audiovisual Cycle, with the participation of drog_A_tek, The erasers, Coti K and Nikos Veliotis. 


In 2010 in collaboration with the Egyptian Cultural Center, he coordinated for the Egyptian Embassy in Athens, an event dedicated to the memory of Kostis Moschof  with key speakers the ex vice president of government Theodoros Pagalos, various important literary personalities and members of the Moskof family.


In 2012 he directed the Dimitris Dimitriadis theatrical play Insenso. The performance was first presented in May at Bar Nixon’ s Screening Room, while in September of the same year he was presented in the Black Box of Michael Cacoyannis Institute. 


In 2014 he directed the Performative Fashion Show Remembering El Greco by the well known fashion designer Laskaris, on the occasion of the 400 annual celebration of El Greco’s birthday.


In 2016 he directed the Ancient Greek Drama play Antigone by Sophocles in collaboration with the Ukranian theatre ensemble of Koleso Theatre Academy. The performance will be presented in Kiev in a circular base until December 2019. In 2018 he directed the play Insenso by contemporary Greek writer Dimitris Dimitriadis.


On March 2017 he directed the theatrical play Humanismus by the Greek playwright Vasilis Ziogas and the Irish righter Jonathan Swift. It has been presented at the Black Box Theatre of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation.


He collaborated as a news producer in radio with the Rock F.M. in 1991-1993. 

Since 2003 until today he is a radio producer at the Third Program of the Greek National Radio -TV E.R.T. where he presents his radio broadcasts titled: True Reallity, Double Imaginatio and Minimal. True Reallity represented Greece in 2009-10 and 11 in the International TV-Radio and New Technologies Festival, Prix Europa in Berlin as well at the International Radio Festival held each time in different city by the Unesco, U.R.T.I.


Also he participated as a producer at the TV production of E.R.T. Hotel Triton with his show Room Service.


From 2010 to 2014 he was an elected member of the Board of Directors of the  Hellenic Association of Liver Transplant for which he did the public relations and the organization of events, while in April of 2013 he suggested, organised and coordinated the tv/radio campagne One Yes, Seven Lives for the promotion of organs donation for National Television and Radio, E.R.T. in collaboration with the National Transplant Organization, E.O.M.


He is a founding member of the nonprofit organization Art Syndicate, which was created in 1986 and operates in the field of contemporary arts.


He is also a member of the Consultant Committee for the new Festival The Ancient Drama in the Schools of the 21st Century which was held in Ancient Olympia in Spring 2015.


He has participated at the Vidlunia 2015 Mono-performance Festival as well the Podil - Chamber Theatre Festival at the Koleso Theatre Academy in Kiev, as the Head of the Jury.


He is Vise President of the International Festival Forum - I.F.F. and a member of the International Dance Committee - I.D.C., committees of the International Theatre Institute- I.T.I.


Since 2017 he is President of Jury Committee of the i.P.A.S. Film Festival.


From 2012 he is the elected President of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Centre of International Theatre Institute, EKDITH/ITI- Unesco.


He is working as a volunteer Theatre Director for the International Foundation, Make A Wish.