This year we have selected (60) sixty remarkable films from (20) twenty different countries such as Italy, India, Brazil, Iran, Lebanon, United Kingdom, Greece, United States, France, Belgium, France, Morocco, Spain, Ukraine, Denmark, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Portugal, Turkey, Croatia.

All the films deal with current political issues, such as social inequalities, diversity, domestic violence, racism, etc, in three film categories, fiction, documentary and animation.

IPAS, like every other year, supports the work of students, therefore in the screening of 2021 will be featured 15 exceptional student films.


For the organization team of IPAS, the live screenings have vital significance to fulfil our purpose and vision.

We want people to have the chance to participate in the process and communicate their opinions for the political issues that the selected films present at our festival.

Therefore we have decided that we want to do the festival live and not online even though we are aware that this year will be really difficult, for all of us, with the international pandemic of Covid.

So with every reservation given the current circumstances, we announce that the festival will be held in the beautiful neoclassical space of KOTES x BOOZE in Athens.

As far it concerns the official screening dates we need a little more time to announce them.

Let us hope that the situation will be better for everyone really soon!


Jury Committee Award Winner: "Best Film in all Categories"

500 Usd/Euro

IPAS Statue

12 Months Subscription at http://iPitch.tv 

*The film category that wins the first prize of Jury Committee is out of competition for the other category awards*

Category Winners (2 awards)

150 Usd/Euro

IPAS Statue

12 Months Subscription at http://iPitch.tv 

Best Student Film

IPAS Statue

12 Months Subscription at http://iPitch.tv 

Audience Award Winner 

IPAS Statue

12 Months Subscription at http://iPitch.tv 

All Selected Films for 2021
3 Months Subscription at http://iPitch.tv


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BOOZE Cooperativa was the first alternative, an artistic coalition in Athens. It has been operating since 1989 in the neoclassical building at 57 Kolokotroni Street. 

A lively space for meetings, art and creation. A place of applied aesthetics.


In 2009 the founder of Booze Cooperativa, Nikos Louvros formed the first political party of smokers, the KOTES, Smoking Groups for Art and Artistic Composition.

From 2018 onwards, the premises of Booze have been completely transferred to the exclusive use of the party.


The space functions as the headquarters of the party, a meeting place for members and friends, a spiritual centre where various events are hosted such as screenings, exhibitions, performances, concerts, lectures, seminars, presentations.

At KOTES  we love chess, inspirational encounters, socializing and art in any form.


Premises: 57 Kolokotroni Str. Athens 10560

Tel: + 30 6950 686277

Email: ipasfilmfestival@gmail.com

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