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i.P.A.S. Film Festival 2019 at Greek Archive Foundation


The Greek Archive Foundation hosted the 3rd edition of IPAS FILM FESTIVAL. 

4 days of screenings, more than 10 QnA's with directors, 2 workshops 


The festival was there:

9 -12 May 2019

Award Ceremony


Jury Award Winner 

Giorgos Danopoulos Greece

with the documentary film "Rita"


Audience Award Winner 

Faiçal Ben Morocco

with the fiction film "Ales"


During the 4 Days of the festival we had the honour to have among us some of the participating directors. 


Their interpreters were Anastasia Melia and Virginia Boutsi. Photographer Alexandra Masmanidi.


  • Malika Zairi, Film "Assia", France

  • Rose Hanawi, Documentary "Who am I?", Netherlands

  • Nathalie and Marie Claire Thomas, Documentary "How to disarm a fighter jet", United Kingdom

  • Michail Demetriou, Documentary "Evripidou 14", Greece

  • Irene Polydorou, Film "N.O.SU.G.A.R.", Greece

  • Hamed Jalali, Film "Gloomy Green", Iran

  • Giorgos Danopoulos, Documentary "Rita", Greece

  • Betty Mayers, Film "Bond", Hungary

  • Dimitris Katsimiris, Film "Fake News", Greece

  • Faical Ben, Film "Ales", Morocco