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Konstantinos Bassios 

Konstantinos Basios was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Has studied law, political science, sociology and communication in Greece, whereas philosophy, history and theory of art and architecture were cured in Canada.

Currently a Research Associate at the Lab of Political Communication of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and a member of the Association Internationale des Critiques d'Art (A.I.C.A.) 


Involved in the contemporary art scene as a curator and critic.

He proposed, and is still in charge of, the ‘Side-way Stoa’, an ex-store-new-exhibition space that belongs to the Department of Political Science of the University of Athens, on Aiolou & Kolokotroni Streets.

Responsible for various articles published in pamphlets, journals and edited volumes.


George Danopoulos  

George Danopoulos was born in Athens in 1974.  

He studied sound engineering theory and cinema history at Papantonopoulos School of cinematography while at the same time he did his practical training in several live concerts across Greece. From 2001 up to 2014 he worked at the Greek National Opera House as sound engineer and videographer. That particular period he took up photography as an amateur photographer and soon enough he collaborated professionally with various publications regarding social reportage such as LIFO. He also, participated in several photography exhibitions, such as the Athens Art Puzzle, in Athens. In 2010, on his own initiative, he held his first directorial attempt with the documentary "Operetta your inner world" for the National Opera. He has worked on television productions as director and camera operator, he has created video clips and theatrical trailers, has collaborated with foreign agencies such as Sipa Press for productions in Greece and participates in educational programs of the Caravan Project. In 2018 he finished “Rita”, a short documentary film describing the story of an old prostitute of Athens. The film has so far taken part in 25 festivals.

‘Rita’ has also aired by the national television channel of Greece, ERT, in its country of production.

“Rita” Awards:                                                                                                           

I.P.A.S. Film Festival 2019 | Athens – Greece | Grand Prix Winner                 

DOC FEST 2019 | Chalkida – Greece | Best Short                             

Int. documentary FF 2019 | Ierapetra – Greece  | 3rd Place                 

Unfiltered Cinema 2019 | Minsk - Belarus | Best Documentary                

TISFF 2018 | Thessaloniki – Greece | Cinematic Achievement Award              

Local  2019 | Thessaloniki – Greece | Honorary Distinction        

Cinema Perpetuum 2019 | Minsk - Belarus | Best Documentary  


Faiçal Ben

After 10 years of engagement with the army, Faiçal Ben is now part of this young generation of filmmakers that can be counted on. Self-taught, he has finally found in the 7th Art what he has been seeking for so long, his freedom of expression and creation. 
Faiçal has started a self-taught training to create a cinematographic background through readings, film screenings, fieldwork with filmmakers sharing their know-how, several master-classes in festivals, and scriptwriting residencies. 
Having started his career as an editor, then assistant director on several institutional films, short films and web series, Faiçal also directed several videos of cultural and artistic events. In parallel, he started scriptwriting for his own projects of short and feature films and television series. 
Following two experimental films (Décalage, 2015 and Confusion, 2016) and a first short fiction film (Alter Ego, 2016), Ales is his second short film. 
In post-production of his third short film (Femme à Clefs, 2018), he now devotes himself to writing a first feature film.

In 2019 he received the audience award for his film "Ales" at the I.P.A.S. FF in Athens.


Christoforos Antoniadis

Christoforos Antoniadis is a performer (actor/director/writer)  born and raised in Thessaloniki,  Greece.  After completing his formal studies,  he went on to receive a B.A. in Management from Sheffield University. Following his dream, he moves to Athens and becomes a student of Fotiadis Drama School of Greece.  At the same time, he completes an MSc in HRM. After his graduation, he creates the youth theatre group  AngelsOfTown,  with which he presents a  series of plays. 

2013 marks a turning point in his career as he shifts his interest to biographies. 

He writes, directs and interprets the title role in Alexandros Iolas,  based on the book of Iola’s biographer. This play was presented in various venues from 2013 to 2018,  such as the  Macedonian  Museum of  Contemporary  Art and Iola’s abandoned villa, a. o. In the meantime, he presents as a monologue the biography Imperator Caligula, about the Roman Emperor, in the historic archaeological place Bay Hamam in Thessaloniki. In October 2018, he presents the theatrical performance My dear Andy, based on the life of Andy Warhol in the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art as a part of the exhibition Alexandros Iolas:  The Legacy. This performance continues in Athens its successful course until today. 

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Lia Stamopoulou

She an Athen based painter but at the beginning of her career, she exhibited in gallery Koralewsky in Paris. Alongside with her painting, she is working in the field of scene design.

She has participated in more than 35 exhibitions, personal and group.


  • Graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA)

  • Labs: Nikolaou, Mavroedes, Mitaras, Kokkinidis

  • Seminars: Center of Art “City Lit ”, St. Martin’s School, London

  • 2nd Drawing Award at the Barcelona Cultural Olympics

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