14.15 by Kenan Subaşı

Turkey | Narrative

A twelve year-old girl plays the accordion on a ferry sailing through the Strait of Istanbul and gently asks for tips, but no one seems to care for her. A small reward comes at last from a young couple; two persons one least expected to do so.

911 – PIZZA by Elefterios Zacharopoulos

France - Narrative

We are in the emergency calls center of Paris when a desperate young woman calls and irrevocably asks for a pizza… Is this a farce ? And what if it isn’t a joke at all ?

A Historic Handshake by Aurélien Laplace

France - Narrative

– Washington – September 13, 1993 : Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin shakes hands with Palestine Liberation Organization chairman Yasser Arafat at the White House after signing the Oslo Accords. Everything is planned out, except for an extravagant detail !

A passion of gold and fire by Sébastien Pins

Belgium | Documentary

A beekeeper shares his worries about the future of his apiary school. A passion of gold and fire which definitely helps our environment to keep on living.

A Place by Iván Fernández de Córdoba

Spain | Narrative

An Arab refugee will have to overcome a European family’s prejudice in order to repair his car and reach his destination. 

A Visit by Alaadin Assem

Egypt | Narrative

Hesham, a joyous young student, gets imprisoned for 6 month for painting graffiti ! In the desperate intimacy of his prison’s cell, he finds himself being part of an innocent youthful tribe that obsessively waits for the life-saving visit of Freedom.

All about Emily by Valentina Casadei

France | Narrative

A modest housekeeper keeps being bullied by an hysterical bourgeois for no apparent reason. Forced to endure these abuses in order to avoid being sent back to Cuba, she makes a discovery that will change everything.

Angle by khaled Albayati

Iraq | Animation

Two men strongly disagree and threaten each other to start a war… but disagreements are often a matter of standpoint.

Before Me by Karim Ayari

Canada | Narrative

The compelling story of a once happy but now broken family, set in the middle of winter, that sheds a harsh light on cultural misunderstanding and religious intolerance. An open-minded mother, a father with preconceived ideas and a Muslim neighbour/lover. But, for the most part, a nine year-old boy who unconsciously flirts with bigotry and passionately seeks for definite answers.

Biedaszyby by Paul Henschel and Jörg Winterbauer

Germany | Documentary

Not far from the German border, people are trying to make a living through illegal coalmining. A story about a hidden side of Europe told by Roman Janiszek, an unemployed and seriously ill miner who risks his life every day in order to preserve it.  

Bombing Interviews, directed and written by Naz Önen

Turkey | Documentary

On February 17 2016 in Ankara, at least 30 people died and 61 were injured in a bombing. Turkish citizens share their opinions and worries on the horrific attack. 

Carols by Thanos Psichogios

Greece| Narrative

It’s Christmas Eve in Athens, and 12-year-old Andreas goes from house to house singing carols. He doesn’t want to keep the money for himself but to help his family getting through that difficult time. Except that he could never imagine how far his unemployed father has gone to achieve that same thing…

Chiara Zyz by Francesco Torre

Italy | Documentary

At the end of the 80 "Santa Chiara" was the first center in Palermo who welcomed day and night migrants. Say "Santa Chiara" is equivalent to saying-Ballaro Albergheria and Migrants. Here migrants have found a roof and a bed, hot meals, a medical clinic, legal advice, job orientation, a kindergarten for their children, the opportunity to come together for their anniversaries. Today they refer to the House about 12-13 national communities for prayer meetings, meetings of associations, traditional celebrations, various anniversaries. 
Zyz is the first documented name of the city of Palermo. In Phoenician means "flower" or "shining."

Cirilo by Ruben Sainz

Spain | Narrative

Cirilo is a 45 year-old man who has endured several years of unemployment. One morning he decides to go to the unemployment office and take matters into his own hands…

Citizens by Marc Nadal

Spain | Narrative

In the arena of unemployment, under ruthless conditions of violence and injustice, citizens turn against each other and people like Noe, a young woman who is evicted from her home, suffer from the absence of effective laws. 

Close your eyes well by Ali Albayati

Iraq | Narrative

Hamoody is a teenager plays the violin, but he lives in a garbage dumpster with a dream that someday he will play in a concert, so his little sister seeks with the kids of the dumpster to make his dream come true.

Confessions by Phili Carron

Belgium| Animation

Confessions is an interview of an eminent personality, but who ?

crISIS by Ali Kareem Obaid

Iraq | Narrative

Asaad has lost his beloved wife during a car bomb in Baghdad. The trauma of her loss and the consequent fear for his son’s life lead him to an undue decision: he refuses to leave home in order to protect his only son, Fadi. Nevertheless, Fadi wishes to go to school, but he is too scared to make such a decision on his own. Alaa’ – a close family friend –helps them out of their fearful confinement.

Dinner For Few by Nassos Vakalis | Audience Award Winner at i.P.A.S. FF2017

USA | Animation

During dinner, “the system” works like a well-oiled machine. It solely feeds the select few who foolishly consume all resources while the rest survive on scraps from the table. What happens when the supplies are eventually depleted? An allegorical depiction of our society. 

Do Not Come To Europe by Pontus Joneström, Minna Lundberg and Hanna Pousette

Sweden | Documentary

The creators of this documentary meet refugees who have fled from DR Congo to neighboring Uganda. Through these encounters, the crew is confronted with their own preconceptions about the refugees’ lives as well as their own country’s position on the global migration problem.

Eflin by Burak Berke Erdem

Turkey | Narrative

The story of little Eflin and her mother who fled to Turkey to escape the horrors of war in their own country.

Element by Nina Paola Marín Díaz

Colombia | Narrative

A man roams the city streets, forests and trails, to finally meet and unite with the source, the Element. Water.

Ernestina "To (H)err is Human; to Erase, Divine" by Vanesa Menalli

Argentina | Narrative

An underworld filled with a blind and blinding faith. Women dancing on their knees for "the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and everlasting life" and deny their faces, which are covered by strange hands. The frenzy of the body unfolds and the redeeming boiling blood culminates in an oceanic eye, which is a daily battle against the monsters that inhabit the depths of the spirit. Amen the body, each one shall dance their own Apocalypse !

Far from here by Sophie Chamoux

France | Narrative

Two french women will share with foreign people, some footage of police brutality during several demonstrations against the Labour Reform bill of 2016. 
Their goals are to know if the information has crossed the border and what they feel about it.

Finito by Mauricio Bartok and Gabriel D’Οrazio

Brazil | Animation

In an automated world where mass production 

is carried out by machines with precision and accuracy, an automaton’s behavior slowly diverges from rules and schedule and arouses his co-workers’ curiosity. 

Fragments For A City In Ruins by Sara Rees

United Kingdom | Documentary

Echoing the visits to ancient ruins by the Eighteenth Century elite on their ‘Grand Tour’, Fragments For A City In Ruins imagines an unseen visitor from the future wandering the city of Athens; from the modern ruins of the deserted Olympic complex to the ruins in reverse of the Acropolis, and from the city’s port to the antipode of the ruin - the museum, with its rarefied atmosphere of suspended time. Unstable sites of temporal fluctuation, ruins provide a trope through which notions of history and empire can be excavated in relation to spatial politics.

What begins as a reflection on architecture and the aesthetics of ruins drifts into a meditation on time. As in a dream, the film merges different periods of time - from historical time and the epochs of civilizations to geological time; and from the aeons of cosmological time to the opportunity for transformation Benjamin believed was offered us by each fleeting second. 

Weaving together fragments of text as it wanders through the city of Athens, the film invites reflection on the entwined histories of democracy and financialization, debt and dispossession, empire and ruins. As Sontag observes, “fragments can reveal aspects of the past that cannot be understood by greater monolithic constructs of historical understanding [...] by turning broken forms into pictures, we can begin to reconstruct an idea of wholeness.”

Future is Irrevocable by Silvina Estévez

Argentina | Narrative

Buenos Aires 1947. On the radio there is a heated parliamentary debate about women’s right to vote. Are women inferior to men and thus unable to decide for the future of their country ? Young and playful Maria is waiting for her mother to come back home from work… But she doesn’t; she’s been to the great women’s rights march.

Gratitude of the Prince by Jane Lo

United Kingdom | Animation

4685 photos. 3 months. 1 film. Gratitude of the Prince is an action-adventure fantasy stop-motion animation, a tale of three unlikely allies in a struggle of power and innocence.

Green House by William R. Coughlan

USA | Narrrative

The Coffmans are desperate to win their bid for residency in a new, environmentally friendly condo. Putting their best face forward, they work to convince a jaded government auditor that their lifestyle makes them worthy of acceptance. But when another couple vies for the same home, a battle for environmental superiority begins

Hand painted sunny daze by Yasmina Shirazi

USA | Animation

A collage within a collage. A surreal modern city. A Hand Painted Sunny Day. A traveler copes by surrounding himself in his own painting of a sunny day. He sees the world through this artificial lens, filtering out all but the pleasant.

Happy without money by Mahyar Hamidian

Germany | Documentary

The story of Raphael Fellmer who lived from 2009 in a money strike, which started with a moneyless journey from The Netherlands to Mexico. This is not because he cannot find work, but because he choose to. He is an activist, who lived without money to raise awareness.

Home Front by Ruben Broekhuis

Netherlands | Narrative

A family in crisis! War veteran Peter has left his days in the army behind him and has overcome the psychical injuries of his captivity in Iraq. But his frustrated wife Anna can't seem to escape from the war’s angst. When their daughter comes by to introduce them to her new boyfriend and announce them her future plans, Anna totally loses it…

Horror Vacui by Daniel Sánchez Chamorro

Spain | Narrative

How can one fill the inevitable void? Can a modern TV-set play the role of catharsis in everyday life’s drama? The emptiness can sometimes be scary, didactic and funny at the same time…

Icky by Parastoo Cardgar

Iran | Animation

In a rainy, dull world (very similar to ours) people bear a solved Rubik’s cube for a head. But there is a kid who seems to be different from all the others… 

Immigration by Jan Beyen

Belgium | Animation

A comic-cynical look at the different ways that economic migrants try to make their way towards the north but are constantly being pushed back by the administration …until they finally succeed. 

Inside Outside by SHIRA MEISHAR

Israel | Narrative

Late at night, a young woman finds herself accidentally locked in to a public facility where she has stopped to do a pregnancy test. She is discovered by a Filipino cleaner and the two women, universes apart in age, background and socio-economic status, begin to build a gentle rapport through the space under the door.

Inversion by Ario Saffarzadegan

Iran | Animation

In order for Liberty to rise, Dictatorship must fall.

Kill the President by Pedro Pacheco Arlandi

Spain | Narrative

Ramon , a construction worker who lost his job and his family because of the brick crisis, embarks on a laborious plan to finish with his despair …and many others.

Leona by Davek Carrizosa

Mexico | Narrative

Leona's extreme poverty drives her to make an over-the-top, unexpected resolution that may risk her life and her kids’ future. It’s a decision that questions and challenges all her social and ethical values in a surprisingly drastic way.

Life is a bitch by Silvia Amancei Bogdan Armanu

Romania | Narrative

A sci-fi video-novel which finds its set in a possible future where the Left has the opportunity to build its project on Europa, moon of planet Jupiter. The short film follows the struggle of a leftist couple which couldn’t afford the flight to the “Socialist Moon”

Lucens by Marcel Barelli

Switzerland | Animation

The story of the first nuclear power plant 100% made in Switzerland… but also the last.

Mary by Grigori Kolomytsev | Jury Committed Award Winner at i.P.A.S. FF2017

Russia | Narrative

Mary's son’s missing from home for months on end. She finally gets to know the harsh truth: he is in Ingushetia, at the North Caucasus region, and acts as a terrorist against the federal state. She has only one chance to talk to him and bring him back: a short phone-call under the surveillance and instruction of the Intelligence Service. What (more) can they say ?

Mother by Rati Tsiteladze

Georgia | Narrative

A heart-breaking tale based on a true story: a single mother is forced to hide her only child’s existence for fear of society’s acidulous moral judgment and condemnation.

Munitionnettes by Lara Cochetel

France | Animation

After receiving an official letter announcing the death of their husbands on the battlefield, the women workers at a bomb factory decide to make their own kind of sexy and peaceful revolution.

My name is Adam by Samer Achy

Lebanon | Narrative

In 2143, a place where Islamic and Christianity religion are united, an authoritarian regime is giving a wide range of freedom to each individual only in one condition. 
What if someone objects? 

New Blacks by Rafael Mellin and Chico Santos

Brazil | Documentary

In the port area of Rio de Janeiro, a couple starts renovating their home. During the work, they come across pieces of bones, dentitions and fragments of objects. Beneath his feet was one of the most important historical patrimonies of African slavery in the Americas already discovered, the Archaeological Site of the New Black Cemetery.

Noga does not exist by Sharon Eilat

Israel | Narrative

A beautiful and sharp young woman, inclined to depression and existential despair, is sitting on a bench in down-town Tel Aviv trying to find relaxation and clear her mind of all the negative thoughts. Johnny, a cool and sweet young lad, joins her for a fag and a philosophical conversation, full of loving remarks on the meaning of life, commences. Amid the grim reality of their lives, a spark of understanding and exuberance suddenly ignites!

Pangaea by Ethan Senser

USA | Narrative

A lonely girl stranded on a rooftop desperately tries to return her life to a state of equilibrium after she is separated from her family.

Pangaea is a short film written and directed by Olivia Peace. It tells the story of a young girl, trapped on the roof of her house during the days following the landfall of Hurricane Katrina. The film aims to comment on the lives of the children whose lives were drastically changed by the aftermath of the hurricane and the flooding that followed it, as well as on the role of those who experienced the events on television from the safety of their own living rooms. Pangaea was shot by a group of Northwestern University students over the course of a week in New Orleans, LA.

Preferentes by Nacho Recio

Spain | Narrative

 A lovely elderly couple, affected by the scam of the preferred participations, are forced to leave their home, unable to recover the invested capital to cover the payment of the mortgage.  Despite being absurdly devoured by an oppressive, corrupt and cruel money-centred society, they never lose their faith in human kindness and integrity.

Propaganda by Natalia Vtulkina

Russia | Narrative

A man dabbles in cross-dressing for the first time, and he gets to experience a comic chain of humiliations and disclosures that all lead to the same source : our choices in life are mostly driven by the inexorable force of propaganda. 

Sama (Dance) by Mazin M Sherabayani

Iraq | Documentary

Robar and her family are determined to establish a professional ballet dance group, despite the threats, lack of funds and a place to practice. Can hope and passion overcome fear and narrow mindedness.

Sit Down, Rise Up by Paul Daniel Torres Canessa

Canada | Narrative

A visual exploration of the struggle between individualism vs. established social norms. It delves into the importance of social unity and sacrifice when it comes to rebellion, all through the use of music and percussion.

Spent by Dorothy Allen-Pickard

United Kingdom | Narrative

With the realities of zero-hour contracts, and unreliable freelance work, 3 young graduates consider indirect sex work to survive in London. This short film depicts their process of constructing and performing a persona in order to get work.

Stripy by Babak & Behnoud Nekooei

Iran | Animation

All the workers in a factory have been instructed to paint stripes on the boxes. The work is getting done in the usual mundane way, until suddenly one of the workers decides to decorate the boxes with a different pattern.

Suspended Lives by João Macul

Brazil | Documentary

Expecting for their men, many inmates' wives wait for several years, some of them their whole life, hoping for their husbands' return. Who are these women? How do they cope? A jacket and a pair of shoes stored in the closet, the promises in their husbands’ letters, a song, the memories of a normality abruptly disrupted, elements of their daily lives, their suspended lives..

Teddy bear by Hermes Mangialardo

Italy | Animation

The sea can be the end of the journey of teddy bear, trough war, fears but also hopes and a new beginning.

The age of reason by Mathilde Petit

France | Narrative

In young Pablo’s world, each citizen chooses his professional career at the very tender age of seven. Pablo and his friends decide to take matters into their own hands for such an overhasty choice can only be limited, wrong or even disastrous. But what do the parents think of that?

The big Class by Marie-Lou Béland

Canada | Narrative

Lined up in perfect rows like an army, students mindlessly copy the teacher who, herself, is being controlled like a puppet by strings from a higher source. Dropped into a world where differences can not exist, will Logan be assimilated or will he keep his identity?

The Bone by Volkan Güney Eker

Turkey | Documentary

It’s an ordinary day in Turkey... The media outlets, which have direct impact on the society, do many discourses about men and women equality as always; but there are many facts, which were denied by them.

The Box by Merve Cirisoglu Cotur

United Kingdom | Animation

The box is the lasting remnant of a once very happy –but now ruined– life of a Syrian kid, who has experienced the devastating civil war. This resilient box served first as a carefully built toy-house, then as a place to take shelter in a refugee camp, and finally as a boat that sails for a journey towards hope.

The bus trip by Sarah Gampel

Sweden| Animation

Sarah is invited to show her film in Israel as part of a film festival bus trip. 
She is hoping for political discussions and friendship, except the conversation stops each time she brings up the occupation of Palestine. So instead, Sarah talks to her dead dad over a noisy phone line.

The Devil is in the Details by Fabien Gorgeart

France | Narrative

1859. Alexina, a trainee school teacher at the convent where she grew up suffers from unbearable pains. After examination, the doctor finds out she is a hermaphrodite. According to him masculine sex prevails, thus Alexina is a man. She has therefore no other choice than leaving the convent as quickly as possible, giving up her closest friend, Henriette.

The Edge by Alexandra Averyanova

Russia | Animation

An elderly lonely woman lives all by herself at a small station lost in the depths of a vast country. And every single day she is committed to the same ritual: putting her make-up on and then acting as a train dispatcher. Until the day that a train passes by her station without stopping…

The End Of Everything As You Knew It. A Guide by Christian Neuman

Luxembourg | Narrative

Jade's guide is a poetic tale in eight chapters that questions predefined roles imposed by society. Young, beautiful and promising Jade flees from her posh London heritage background to explore her darkest fantasies and instincts in search for the newly proclaimed ultra-violence.

The Fear Installation by Ricardo Leite

Portugal | Narrative

The bell rings. A woman opens the door to two men who are standing there, smiling politely: ”Good morning, madam. We came to install fear”…

The Fountain Pen by Armin Keshvaripour

Iran | Narrative

A young girl desperately struggles with inefficient bureaucracy in order to get her sick father’s vital medication. 

The Hose by Mansour Foruzesh

Iran | Narrative

Mr Nobari is an old-fashioned school teacher who wants to change his dilapidated, harsh teaching methods. And this is a very hard task for Mr Nobari for he truly loves punishing his students and he can’t think of himself without his old hose. But young Shaalbaf, a misfit in Mr Nobari’s class, sees no good at this change…